Welcome Speech

Վահան Մովսիսյան

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the official webpage of the Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG) program.

This website was developed as a result of joint efforts of CELoG program team and aims at providing to the citizens of the Republic of Armenia comprehensive information about the Local Governance sector in Armenia.

We tried to collect and include information on CELoG program, reforms in LG area, legislation and policy that cover the sphere. We also tried to create virtual tools that will enable users’ direct participation and communication and will allow the citizens to get necessary information, direct their questions of concern, express their views and participate in the processes that are taking place in this area.

I hope that this website will have an important role in raising awareness among the citizens in the sphere of local governance and as a result will increase citizens’ engagement in the sphere of Local Government.

Good luck to all of us.

Vahan Movsisya,

CELoG Chief of party