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Information Systems Development and Training Center NGO


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Yerevan Press Club


was founded in July 1995 and is the first professional association of journalists in Armenia, established during the post-communist period. YPC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that unites journalists, publishers, media leaders and experts, irrespective of their political ideas.

YPC Mission:

Support and development of independent and professional media, seeking to help strengthen democratic institutions and establish civil society in Armenia.

YPC Objectives:

  •  To defend the journalists’ right of freedom of expression and of free access to information
  • To assist in improving the legislative and the economic base of the media
  • To promote professional contacts between Armenian and foreign media and individual journalists
  • To strive for respect and adoption of principles of professional ethics by journalists
  • To assist in the growth of journalists’ professional skills – through various workshops, conferences, trainings, etc.

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Ccaucasus research resource center-Armenia

The Caucasus Research Resource Centers program (CRRC) is a network of resource, research and training centers established in the capital cities of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with the goal of strengthening social science research and public policy analysis in the South Caucasus. 

The program under the partnership between the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), aims to provide the accessibility of high-quality research resources, to strengthen capacity and, to improve the dialogue and collaboration between social science researchers and policy practitioners.


Since the opening of the Centers in 2003, CRRC has become a nexus of activity for the South Caucasus social science community by providing open access to fundamental literature, data, and professional training for social science researchers. The centers will make it easier for researchers to pursue original work, to base their research on actual transition data, and to participate in the growing domestic policy research community.

Direct and indirect CRRC beneficiaries include social science researchers, faculty members from academic institutions, policy practitioners and other professionals from non-governmental, private and public sectors.

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Journalists' Club "Asparez"

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Eurasia Partnership Foundation

Eurasia Partnership Foundation’s (EPF) guiding vision is a South Caucasus that is peaceful, conflict-free and cooperative with civically engaged citizens, socially responsible businesses, and sustainable, accountable and effective third sector organizations. Because our operating landscape is one of political unrest, military confrontation, economic crisis and limited regional cooperation, we must harness the potential of community activism and local philanthropy to make a contribution to peace- and confidence-building.  

EPF’s mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives.

EPF became an independent local non-governmental organization in 2007. With locally registered offices in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, EPF is the legacy institution of Eurasia Foundation (EF). While programmatically, institutionally and financially distinct, EPF in Armenia is a member of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Eurasia Foundation networks and is strategically cooperating with the other Eurasia offices, as well as Partnership Foundations inGeorgia and Azerbaijan, and implements regional and cross-border programming as a central part of its mandate.



EPF is implementing a broad portfolio of programs. Some of the notable areas covered are:

  • Human Rights and Democracy
  • Anti-Corruption and Conflict of Interest
  • European approximation
  • Peace-building and Conflict Transformation
  • Civil Society capacity building and Youth Empowerment

We have accumulated 20 years of experience in program implementation, grant making, and cooperation with the Armenian civil society. We have shaped a unique portfolio of services to position ourselves as a ‘think and do’ tank with expertise laying in the nexus of project design and management, network building and consortium management, civil society capacity building, policy research and advocacy, alternative content development, and peace building.

Specifically, EPF provides a broad range of services, including:

  • Production and dissemination of high-quality policy papers in English, Armenian and Russian,
  • Research and surveys both in Armenia and in the Caucasus,
  • Policy advocacy, facilitation of discussion and dissemination of results to key stakeholders, organization of advocacy campaigns,
  • Strategic consultations and public debates,
  • Development and broadcast of TV and on-line debates, talk-shows, PSAs addressing some of the key issues in Armenian public discourse,
  • Production and broadcast of documentaries and cartoons,
  • Development of web platforms for information exchange, networking and/or e-learning,
  • Publication and dissemination of books and e-newsletters,
  • Facilitation of dialogue across conflict divides,
  • Grant-making via invited and non-invited (open-door) calls for proposals,
  • Trainings on project management and fundraising targeting youth and communities,
  • Capacity-building for civil society organizations throughout the country,
  • Organization of Social Innovation Camps,
  • Organization of Organizational Activity Seminars, also referred to as Creative Game.

EF Network

The Eurasia Foundation Network comprises New Eurasia Foundation (Russia), Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, East Europe Foundation(Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova) and Eurasia Foundation (United States). Since 1993, Eurasia Foundation and the network have invested more than $360 million in local and cross-border projects to promote civic and economic inclusion throughout the Eurasia region. For more information about the Eurasia Foundation Network, please visit

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